The first academic class in 2000Kepler was founded in 1992 and opened its doors to academic students from 2000-2012. In 2010, we began our transformation to a Certificate Program. This allows us to continue our mission of offering the best astrological education available online.

Kepler's History

The practice of interpreting cosmological events as related to human endeavors has a long history and continues to evolve today. This activity is inextricably entwined in the development of Western and Eastern cultures.Yet to skeptics and those for whom astrology is simply entertainment, exploration of these philosophies and practices have no place in formalized study.

Maggie Nalbandian, Joanne Wickenburg, Roxana Muise, Michael Munkasey, Rick LevineIn 1991, a group of astrologers and academics decided that such a controversial and widespread practice deserved a place in academia where it could be analyzed for its historical, philosophical, and cultural significance and utilization.

Kepler College was born in 1992 from the creative audacity and hard work of this group.

For twelve years Kepler College offered academics and astrologers alike a unique opportunity to participate in a challenging liberal studies curriculum. Courses included the critical examination and analysis of the history and development of cultural interpretations of cosmology in both Western and Eastern cultures over the past 3,000 years, and how cosmological viewpoints influenced and was influenced by the cultures in which they developed.

Many of these courses are now found in our certificate program, which continues to grow and continues to serve our mission of providing an outstanding education for anyone interested in the many facets of astrology.

We are one of the oldest online astrological programs in the US: we were founded in 1992 and have over 13 years of continuous experience in offering an online program of expert quality education to our students.

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