W101 Fundamentals I: Introduction

Instructors: Tamira McGillivray, Donna Young, Enid Newberg

The objective for this course is that, by the end, students will have learned the basics of astrological symbolism and be on their way to successfully synthesizing that knowledge to interpret a chart, even if there is no birth time.

To accomplish this goal, the following areas will be covered:

  • Introduction to the astronomical underpinnings of the astrological chart
  • Working with Elements, Modes and Polarities to create an interpretation
  • Examining the construction of meaning within the astrological signs
  • Getting a start on chart interpretation through the quadrants and Chart Patterns
  • Looking at the interplay between astronomy and the astrological meanings of the planets; comparing meanings from Hellenistic to modern; introduction to the mythology of the planets
  • Introduction to the astrological houses and how they are created; the meanings of the Houses and their changes over time; how to use the houses to enhance an interpretation
  • The harmonies of the chart - working with the Major Aspects and Aspect Configurations
  • Introduction to Dignities and Debilities to help hone chart interpretation
  • Introduction to the sensitive points: the Lunar nodes and the Part of Fortune

By the end, students will have a solid understanding of the planets and how the signs and houses modify their meaning. Students will learn to evaluate what planets are highlighted in the chart based on their placement by sign and house, basic dignities and their interaction through aspects and dispositors. They will be able to synthesize this information into a basic coherent and meaningful interpretation without relying on outside resources.