Explore the different dimensions of our experience of soul. Discover how soul, psyche and astrological psychology are entwined.

 Meets Thursdays evenings beginning at 5:30 pm Pacific Time
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The ancient world saw soul as body and mind, as breath and life force, as our basic nature that outlives the body, and as the self that reveals itself to others. Here are the beginning investigations of why we say someone is a "good soul" and how the cracks and breaks in soul express in "character flaws." These ideas also form the bedrock of what we consider "the Good Life” and how a soul can act in harmony with itself and the world. 

Throughout this course, students will grow their understanding of how astrological psychology incorporates these concepts and how this understanding can enliven and deepen astrological interpretation. Students will also play the astrological daemons (planetary guides) and how they can be applied to an individuals’ natal charts.

And since Eastern ideas have also been a strong influence in how we view the soul, we will also take a short excursion to the East to look at the development of the subtle body and subtle energy midway between body and soul. Topics include:

  • Tantra and Yoga: Eastern Dimensions of Body and Soul
  • Soul’s Relationship to Body and Astrology’s Planets
  • Soul, the Virtuous Life, and Astrology
  • The Soul as Self in Modern Astrology and Psychology

The required book is: 
Cousineau, Phil, Soul: An Archeology. (1994) Harper/San Francisco

This course is part of a series on different aspects of the soul and how differing ideas can be reflected through different astrological techniques. Sign up for all three workshops and save! One workshop will be held each term. Click here to enroll in all three.

Muhurta is the Indian (Vedic) method of doing electional astrology that works equally well for Western astrologers.

Instructor: Kenneth D. Miller M.A., Jyotish Kovid.
BEGINS: Oct 24, 2016
7 weeks: 5 weeks instruction, two week Thanksgiving/Autumn break

Muhurta, the electional astrology of India, is the art of picking auspicious times to begin endeavors, whether that is opening a business, getting married, even submitting a homework assignment through the internet. Any action that has a consequence can timed for maximum success.

Indian astrology teaches us that the birth chart shows the karmas we have brought into this life. But during life we are making new decisions and generating new karma through our actions. This is Kriyamana karma, the karma of present action. By using well timed Muhurtas, you can maximize the good fortune and success of all your present day actions!