Gifts of Non-Cash Assets

In addition to gifts of cash, Kepler supporters may make personal gifts of non-cash assets. Donors may find they can be more generous with non-cash gifts because of the additional tax benefits that may be associated with such gifts. There are also opportunities to give long-term arrangements including Life Income Gifts, Bequests and other options as part of an overall financial and estate plan.


Below are some of the most popular ways to give to give to Kepler.

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Kepler College Development

Kepler College has put the generous donations it has received to good use. But there are still outstanding programs and projects that need you help.

Scholarship Fund
Our students can use your support. Many need additional financial help to accomplish their goals. You can assist a talented student with either tuition and/or books. Contribute to an existing Scholarship Fund or name one after you or your organization! 

libraryElectronic library. Kepler currently has many hard copy books as well as rich online library services, including those through institutional subscription to such services as EEBO and JSTOR. If the development of library resources that will benefit our entire community  is of interest to you, we invite you to contribute toward this worthy goal.

Kepler College is a Non-Profit Corporation under IRS (501) c-3, and donations are tax deductible

Please consider supporting our students.


Donors at all levels receive a thank you letter from Kepler College that acknowledges the donor by name, specifies the amount of the gift or value of the goods or service, notes any designated purpose or conditions, gives Kepler’s 501 c-3 status and tax exempt number, and acknowledges that the donor received no material or financial benefit for the gift.

Kepler College is a Non-Profit Corporation under IRS (501) c-3, and donations are tax deductible