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IN theatre theory, Fortune is understood to have both a tragic and a comic expression. The name is not misleading; it is, rather, that we do not take a dramatic approach to the astrological concept.

Dramatically speaking, and perhaps astrologically speaking as well Comic fortune is sudden, surprising (Uranus) good luck, Tragedy inherited (8th house) misfortune, wound (Chiron), and afflicted with hubris, which is better understood as blind (12th house/Neptune) and oppositional (squares, oppositions in personal planets) than arrogance.

Pluto and Mars would tend to be associated with tragic expressions. Uranus oppositions possibly as well.

Well aspected Venus with Uranus to the Part of Fortune with 'sudden luck' one possible comic expression.

Point is, you are onto something with your observations that it is not entirely 'good,' but can -- and perhaps should -- be associated with tragic events as well as happy, lucky comic ones.