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This is set for $35 per week over16 weeks (4 months)

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Meets 6 Thursdays evenings 5:30 pm PST / 8:30 pm EST (Enroll)
Conducted by Joseph Crane and Enid Newberg
There is also an online course site with additional materials

Is there a connection between our soul, the larger universe, and our calling in life?
Can astrology tell us anything about our soul and our calling?

This winter, students will explore these questions both philosophically, psychologically and astrologically. (Taking the previous course is not a prerequisite for this course.)

This course focuses on Calling, our sense of purpose in our lives. A calling can inspire us. But sometimes we don't hear it at all but are haunted by the silence. We alo know that the challenge of a calling asks the soul to become different, to change its form, to "transform." Western thought and its astrology have much to say about calling and the soul's transformation.



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Feb 28: Western Sidereal Astrology by Kenneth Bowser http://www.kepler.edu/home/index.php/events/246-free-webinars/560-feb-28-western-sidereal-astrology-kenneth-bowser http://www.kepler.edu/home/index.php/events/246-free-webinars/560-feb-28-western-sidereal-astrology-kenneth-bowser registerPresented by Kenneth Bowser
Saturday Feb. 28, 2015
1:00 - 2:30 pm PDT / 4:00-5:30 pm EDT

Western sidereal astrology is based on the Babylonian sidereal zodiac, the original zodiac. Sidereal, from the Latin, sidus, (star) is the type of astrology that reckons celestial longitude from the stars, rather than the vernal equinox. Western sidereal astrology is both new in the West and the revival of an ancient art. Babylonian astrology was introduced to the West in 1944 by Cyril Fagan, an Irish astrological scholar, after he had studied the translations of the ancient Babylonian astronomical and astrological texts excavated from the Near and Middle East.


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