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register blueEvery day we tell stories - to laugh, to evoke soul and to bring depth, dimension and meaning to our conversations. 

In this five-week workshop, you will learn how to be a more masterful storyteller – when working with clients, writing or speaking. You'll also have a chance to put what you learn into practice, receiving feedback to make your stories sizzle.

5 weeks February 27 (March 19 will not have a class)
Saturdays from 9-11 AM PST / 12-1 pm EST

Week One: Telling Stories, Making Soul
Communication scholar Walter Fischer called humanity "homo narrans"; we are storytelling animals. Ever since we began to speak, we have used stories to convey information with emotion, depth and meaning. We'll explore the power of stories through history and across cultures, as well as how modern research has given us clues for how you can tap in to this potent aspect of human nature.

Week Two: The Elements of Story
Make your stories compelling by learning a few simple techniques employed by professional journalists, storytellers and speakers. You'll learn how to structure your narrative, how word choice affects your story's pace, and other practical tips for constructing gripping tales.

Week Three: Astrologer as Storyteller

Storytelling is a potent therapeutic tool that complements astrology's rich symbolic and soulful language. We'll examine narrative therapy techniques and how these may apply to an astrology client consultation. You'll also learn how you can encourage clients to create their own meaningful stories from astrological elements.

Week Four: Writing for (Astro) Story
The best examples of astrological writing – from horoscopes and blogs, to articles and books – is based on good storytelling. Whether your work is 75 words or 75,000, you can learn to use elements of storytelling to enliven your writing, leaving your audience wanting more.

Week Five: "A funny thing happened on the way to Neptune…" Astrology and Public Speaking
Astrology lectures aren't just about the dry transmission of information. Adding life with stories allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. In this session we'll review strategies you can use to make your presentations more memorable, and fun, for all in attendance.

DonnaWoodwell smPresented by

Donna Woodwell is a full-time astrologer and instructor at Kepler College. Once upon a time, she worked as a reporter and editor, grantwriter, cause-based marketer and translator. While earning her Master's degree in Communication from the University of Texas, she taught writing classes to journalism students. She's a writer at Astrology.com, penned her own horoscope column Cosmic Cadence and astrology articles for NCGR and ISAR, and ghost-wrote columns for other astrologers and astrology organizations.

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