Polise, Joseph

Polise JoeJoseph Polise, NCGR PAA IV, has been a consultant and teacher in astrology since 1990. He uses astrology as a mutifaceted tool to assist people on their life paths, and as an aid in effective decision-making with a creative astrologer as a mediator in this process. Joe also nurtures an abiding involvement in astrology education through the NCGR-PAA and Friends of Astrology. He has presented for NCGR, ISAR, and at UAC and workshops nationally.

Kepler Instructors are chosen for their expertise in academic and astrological knowledge and for their ability to effectively teach what they know to others in an online environment.

They must be able to produce quality instructional materials that enhance learning by using multiple strategies and approaches. They need to understand how to work with students remotely, and to develop the trust and respect of their students and colleagues.

They also need to stay up-to-date on new developments and examine the interplay of the new and old. And they must be willing acknowledge their own biases so they can present their students with multiple perspectives.