Character, Karma and Calling: Astrologies of Soul - Psyche & Character. 
 Instructors; Joseph Crane and Enid Newberg. 
 6 Weeks on Thursdays, beginning at 5:30 pm Pacific Time. 
Students can take E520A, E520B and E520C to apply toward a diploma elective. 

Explore the different dimensions of our experience of soul. Discover and how soul, psyche and astrological psychology are entwined. 

In this course, students will start their travel in the ancient world. Here we find soul described as our energetic presence in the world that manifests in our we live our life. Moving through the centuries, students will see how this concept is still present in modern times in our ideas about character, in psychology and in astrological interpretation.

The ancient world saw soul as body and mind, as breath and life force, as our basic nature that outlives the body, and as the self that reveals itself to others. Here are the beginning investigations of why we say someone is a "good soul" and how the cracks and breaks in soul express in "character flaws." These ideas also form the bedrock of what we consider "the Good Life” and how a soul can act in harmony with itself and the world. 

Throughout this course, students will grow their understanding of how astrological psychology incorporates these concepts and how this understanding can enliven and deepen astrological interpretation. Students will also play the astrological daemons (planetary guides) and how they can be applied to an individuals’ natal charts.

And since Eastern ideas have also been a strong influence in how we view the soul, we will also take a short excursion to the East to look at the development of the subtle body and subtle energy midway between body and soul. 

Weekly topics include:

  1. Origins and Development of Soul, West and East
  2. Tantra and Yoga: Eastern Dimensions of Body and Soul
  3. Soul and Body in the Ancient World
  4. Soul, the Virtuous Life, and Astrology
  5. Soul and Self in the Modern Era
  6. Applications to Astrology; Student Project

The required book is: 
Cousineau, Phil, Soul: An Archeology. (1994) Harper/San Francisco

This book has a large number of excerpts from works from ancient through modern times that all relate to different perspectives on soul. Many of these excerpts will be on the reading lists for all three of these short courses on soul (E520A, E520B, E520C).

The soul’s crises and cultivations are one of the reasons we work with astrology. And this concern for the soul has been part of astrology throughout its history. This three-part program is the most comprehensive treatment of soul and astrology offered anywhere. It traces the connections between our ideas about soul in philosophy, religion and astrology, through Western and Eastern history and practice. It will introduce you to a range of perspectives and applications that can aid in living a good life and help sustain the spirit through life's transitions.

A fabulous moment in history -- Earthlings have gone to Pluto!

For the first time ever, after a journey of more than 3 billion miles and 9 years, a human-made spacecraft buzzed by Pluto within just 7,800 miles of the surface on July 14, 2015.

And we all know astrologers LOVE Pluto! (Or are just too intimidated to say otherwise.) In any case, we at least love to talk about him. So, to celebrate this historic event, Kepler College hosted its own Pluto Flyby Party on July 14.

If you missed the live event, view the recording!

Maggie Nalbandian was born on April 5, 1937 at 15:00 (3:00 PM) in Plainview (Hale County), Texas. She died in June 2015. Maggie founded a bookstore, an annual astrological conference and Kepler College.

The bookstore was a starting point for Maggie's enthusiasm and energy. In her own words:  

Instructor: Elena Lumen 

Traditional horary astrology is one of the most precise forms of astrological practice, which enables the practitioners to give guidance and detailed answers to meaningful life questions. In this course, students will examine traditional foundations of horary astrology, and establish a clear understanding of foundational principles and philosophy of this art. Students may expect to leave the class with a step-by-step structured approach to interpreting Horary charts. In addition to covering many important astrological principles, we will do lots of hands on chart delineations and discussions. 

Typically during each class we will cover some important horary topic, and delineate a couple of charts illustrating this principle in action. This course is suitable for both modern and traditional astrologers. Topics covered will include:

  • Introduction to traditional horary astrology
  • Brief history and philosophy underlying the art
  • Considerations against judgment and basic principles of judgment
  • Planets as conduits of action; houses - where action takes place 
  • The Moon's significance in interpretation and timing
  • Career charts
  • Relationship charts
  • Finding items with horary
  • Pregnancy and health issues
  • Financial matters
  • Other considerations: Modern planets, fixed stars, Lots (Arabic parts)
  • Providing detailed interpretation to the clients

Luman EleanaElena Lumen, PhD, is a traditional western astrologer and psychotherapist, with a busy counseling and astrological practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. Elena is the graduate of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, CA, where she received training in clinical psychology with specialization in creative expression. She wrote her dissertation on the value and appeal of astrology as a system of meaning. In her practice, she combines elements of metaphor and symbolic work, astrology, and creative expression. Since 2000, Elena has been a professional practicing astrologer specializing in horary, electional, and traditional astrology.