Instructor: Ryhan Butler
Diploma Elective 
Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Astrology

Medieval astrology is roughly defined as the astrological art practiced between the time periods of 800 AD to 1500 AD. In this course we will investigate and practice and techniques of the time period and their applications within a modern context as well as exploring the historical development of many techniques that are common in contemporary astrological practices.

Instructor: Elena Lumen

Traditional horary astrology is one of the most potent and precise forms of divination, it allows us to find answers by aligning or understanding the Universal planetary cycles. In this course, students will examine the foundational principles of horary that can be used by modern or traditional astrologers in their practice. Throughout the class, students will be expected to create and interpret horary charts. Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to traditional horary astrology, brief history and philosophy underlying the art, and considerations against judgment
  • Planetary archetypes
  • The Moon in horary astrololgy
  • Career charts
  • Relationship charts
  • Finding items with horary
  • Pregnancy and health issues
  • Financial matters

Instructors: Georgia Stathis and Bruce Scofield

When should I get married?
What is the best time to buy a car?
What is a good time to incorporate my business?

In electional astrology, the astrologer selects the most appropriate time for a particular activity. This can be challenging because you need to know not only the planet but the house that best reflects the event.

In this course students will consider electional astrology from a broad spectrum perspective. Methodologies considered will include classical, modern and Uranian procedures. Students will be required to demonstrate capabilities of electing times in several systems.


It is with sadness that we mark the passing of Jeff Jawer on February 10, 2015. In hospice because of lung cancer, he was surrounded by his loved ones, his wife Danick, their two daughters, Laura and Lyana and his friend and business partner of many years, Rick Levine. Jeff provided inspiration with grace and humor, along with great teaching and guidance for so many. He supported the work of Kepler from its founding to the present. We all miss him.

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