Board of Trustees

robert_handROBERT HAND, PhD & MA, Medieval Studies, Catholic University of America; BA, Honors History, Brandeis University.

Mr. Hand is well known internationally for his extensive research, scholarship and work in the astrological community. He has been studying astrology and the history of astrology for over forty years. His particular areas of expertise are in classical medieval astrology and modern theory. 

Robert Hand is the author of esteemed works such as Planets in Transit, Planets in Composite, Planets in Youth, Horoscope Symbols and others is an American Astrologer, Author, Historian, Latin Translator and Lecturer, who's life's work, along with many awards and accomplishments, make him one of the foremost experts in the fields of Astrology, Geocosmic Research and Latin Translation.

Board of Trustees

Robert Hand, Chair
Christine Arens, Vice Chair
Chris Brennan
Wonder Bright
Shannon Garcia
Nina Gryphon
Tamira McGillivray
Laura Michetti
Bruce Scofield
Nicholas Campion

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The individuals involved with Kepler College are a varied group, from administration to volunteers. We live throughout the United States and around the world. Some have over 40 years experience practicing astrology and others are relative newcomers. We all care about promoting quality education and professionalism.

Kepler College Articles of Incorporation
Kepler College Bylaws

Kepler College also gives a very special thanks to our donors, without whom Kepler College would never have opened.